Monday, 23 April 2012

Nicholas Holtam: my hero

What Bishop Nicholas said in his address (in brief) was:
  • In British society, the game is up. Gay people are equal members of our society.
  • Civil Partnerships are now accepted, if not approved of, by the vast majority of people, including Christians.
  • A very big gap has opened up between Church and society.
  • Experience might lead us to be cautious about the certainty with which moral positions are built with Biblical support.
  • The new separation of civil and religious marriage should be very disturbing and shows how deeply we have become separated from our wider society.
  • None of a very bright group of 6th formers in a school in Salisbury diocese thought what I said about gay marriage made any sense whatsoever.
  • Most people now see the Church’s avoidance of equality legislation as immoral and it undermines us.
  • The possibility of ‘gay marriage’ does not detract from heterosexual marriage.
  • Homosexual people seek to form stable, faithful, adult, loving sexual relationships, and as Christians they want to do so within the context of the church of which they are baptized members.
  • There is an evangelical imperative for the Church to recognise that covenantal same sex relationships can be Godly and good for individuals and society. This is a development that many Christians in good faith warmly welcome.
  • It is a disaster that we have allowed the Church to be seen as the opposition to equal civil marriage.

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